Set in a fictitious secondary school, ROUGH DIAMONDS follows the lives of a group of students and sixth formers at Danson Wood High School.

In the preview episode meet new Year 7 pupils Lucas and Maty. Both are lost and trying to find the way to their lessons. If only the older students would point them in the right direction…

Lucas…Thomas Cridland

Maty…Endersson Pereria-Costa

Dolly…Ruby Robinson

Darcy…Katie Walter

Baz…Jamie McLeod


Set in a fictitious secondary school,  ROUGH DIAMONDS follows the lives of a group of students and sixth formers at Danson Wood High School.

Meet Year 11’s Oscar, Harry and Jade.  In this preview episode, Oscar and Harry go in search of alcohol…

Oscar…Sebastian O’Driscoll-Henderson

Harry…Tom Birkett

Jade…Poppy Thody

Jude Neanor: Rush Hour

One of the few pieces of mine to be recorded, this was written as part of a summer school at the Purcell School. The reduced orchestration allowed me to focus in on every note I wrote, enabling me to engage in a totally new (to me) chromatic style.

Suburban Tales: No Milk Today

Ever wondered what your pets really think about you? Or what the birds actually say to one another?

Suburban Tales looks at life from the perspective of the birds and animals that inhabit our towns and cities.

Rita wants to tell her son how to live his life. Tom wants to do things his way…

Rita…Millie Henley-Stevens

Tom…Tom Cridland

Jude Neanor: Early Reflections

Sleeve notes: This piece was written whilst I was completing work experience with a composer in London. He had given me some sounds to try out, and this was the result of experimenting for a day with them.

Torn From Home

Holocaust survivor, Hedi Argent, speaks to many young people about her experiences of living under Nazi rule in 1930s Europe. Phoebe Sturgess Wenham and Zak Oudjit recount some of her stories and reflect on the lessons that we can all learn.

Energy Drinks

The government is planning to ban the sale of energy drinks to under 16s. Is such a ban warranted? Ceria, Jack, Joseph and Nancy weigh up the issue.