A deadly virus. A cheating student. Two more tales from the pupils at Platanos College and Sacred Heart Catholic School.


THE CELL by Paulo Goncalves (Platanos College) – 98% of the population has been infected by a virus. The inmates of a prison, unaffected by the deadly disease, have been placed under the watch of the mysterious Mr Pilsbury. Daniels is one such prisoner.

PART ONE: Locked in a cell he can never leave, Daniels’ only contact with the outside world is via letters from Charlotte and the ‘Happy Bunny’…

PART TWO: Who exactly is the sinister Mr Pilsbury and what does he want with Daniels?

PART THREE: Why is the Happy Bunny not so happy anymore? Will Daniels ever escape and find Charlotte?

CHEATER by Rachel Benjamin (Sacred Heart Catholic School) – Accused of cheating in an exam, Alex pleads with her teachers not to call her dad. But why is she so insistent?


Teri Ann Bobb Baxter

Matthew Castle

Timothy Knightley

Shauna McLean

Kaajel Patel

Prince Plockey



Rob Drummer


Future Voices was co-ordinated by David Workman (Youth & Community Director at the Southwark Playhouse). The project was generously supported by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, The Peter Cruddas Foundation and the Ashley Family Foundation.


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