DWS Audio on BBC Radio Kent

A Grease Monkey and a Peacock

This week another new DWS Audio drama featured on Leo Ulph’s Upload show. ‘A Grease Monkey and a Peacock’ is an historical drama set in 1964 during the infamous Mods and Rockers clash on Brighton Beach.

Wanting to escape the fighting, seventeen-year-old Fletch takes refuge in a beach hut…

The play is broadcast in three parts and you can listen via the links below:

Upload on BBC Radio Kent – 13/03/2023 – BBC Sounds

Listen from 11.15 to 16.30

Upload on BBC Radio Kent – 14/03/2023 – BBC Sounds

Listen from 11.30 to 17.45

Upload on BBC Radio Kent – 16/03/2023 – BBC Sounds

Listen from 11.00 to 16.30

Fletch…Thomas Cridland

Rog…Conor Priestman

Sound design by Nathanael Chappell