DWS Audio at the UK International Audio Drama Festival 2023

Once again the work of our students will feature at this year’s UK International Audio Drama Festival. ‘The Guy Who Called’ written by Isabella Larena will be showcased at the Eastbridge Hospital in Canterbury on Monday 27th March.

You can listen to the play here:

Detective #1…Isabella Larena

Detective #2…Jack Phillips

DWS Audio on BBC Radio Kent

A Grease Monkey and a Peacock

This week another new DWS Audio drama featured on Leo Ulph’s Upload show. ‘A Grease Monkey and a Peacock’ is an historical drama set in 1964 during the infamous Mods and Rockers clash on Brighton Beach.

Wanting to escape the fighting, seventeen-year-old Fletch takes refuge in a beach hut…

The play is broadcast in three parts and you can listen via the links below:

Upload on BBC Radio Kent – 13/03/2023 – BBC Sounds

Listen from 11.15 to 16.30

Upload on BBC Radio Kent – 14/03/2023 – BBC Sounds

Listen from 11.30 to 17.45

Upload on BBC Radio Kent – 16/03/2023 – BBC Sounds

Listen from 11.00 to 16.30

Fletch…Thomas Cridland

Rog…Conor Priestman

Sound design by Nathanael Chappell

Operation Disarm

by Ella Clarke

In a lawless, dystopian future, Detective Mara has to contend with many an unhinged psychopath. And today is no different – except that this one has a bomb…

Mara…Ella Clarke

Maniac…Iris Coleman

A Fruitful Murder

by Catherine Hayes & Amber Ranaldi

A 999 operator receives an unusual call from a terrified member of the public. Somewhere there’s a dangerous pineapple on the loose…

Operator…Catherine Hayes

Caller…Amber Ranaldi

Timmy…Olivia Stanton

Operator #2…Lilly Bennett