This week four more episodes of our audio drama serial ‘Rough Diamonds’ were broadcast on Leo Ulph’s Upload show on BBC Radio Kent. We are so grateful to Leo and the BBC for championing the work of our students. You can catch up with this week’s episode via BBC Sounds (below):

Upload on BBC Radio Kent – 21/11/2022 – BBC Sounds

from 11.30 – 15.40

Upload on BBC Radio Kent – 22/11/2022 – BBC Sounds

from 10.30 – 17.00

Upload on BBC Radio Kent – 23/11/2022 – BBC Sounds

from 48.30 – 53.30

Upload on BBC Radio Kent – 24/11/2022 – BBC Sounds

from 11.20 – 17.30


Dolly…Ruby Robinson

Darcy…Katie Walter

Music composed by Jude Neanor

A Grease Monkey and a Peacock

An audio drama

Brighton, 1964. Mods versus Rockers. As the two tribes clash on the beach, Fletch – a seventeen-year-old Mod – seeks refuge in a fisherman’s hut.

Fletch…Thomas Cridland

Southwick Rog…Connor Priestman

Foley and sound design by Nathanael Chappell

Car Jack

A comedy about two hapless car jackers written and produced by Thomas Cridland.

Performed by Thomas Cridland and Connor Priestman

Isolated Spaces

Imagine being cut off from the wider world? Listen to three brilliant new audio dramas that explore the theme of isolation.


Written and performed by: Charlie Lunn, Louis Davies, John Memheti; additional voice: Jack Oram

The Swamp Explorers

Written and performed by: Josh Ridley, Jacob Daldorph, Jack Oram, Jakub Cupa

Rest in Ice

Written and performed by: Alexandra Brandt, Emma Larner, Amelie Pester, Lulu Broadie