Rough Diamonds on BBC Radio Kent

This week BBC Radio Kent have been broadcasting episodes of our weekly audio drama serial ROUGH DIAMONDS. Your can hear ‘She Loves Me Not’ in four parts starting on Monday 11th July or catch up via the links (below) to BBC Sounds.

Upload on BBC Radio Kent – 11/07/2022 – BBC Sounds

Listen from 30mins 30secs

Upload on BBC Radio Kent – 12/07/2022 – BBC Sounds

Listen from 09.30

Upload on BBC Radio Kent – 13/07/2022 – BBC Sounds

Listen from 25.30

Upload on BBC Radio Kent – 14/07/2022 – BBC Sounds

Listen from 10.45




Join the students at Danson Wood High

Maisie has reached breaking point.

Maisie…Ruby Hancock

Belle…Aerin Chappell

Soph…Lucy Sumner

Music composed by Jude Neanor