Micro Dramas (Part 2)

Pupils writing their audio scripts during summer school 2021

DWS Audio presents five more micro audio dramas written and recorded by Darrick Wood School pupils in Year 7.

Rad Sky Dive
Playground Dilemma
Try Outs
Hamster Wheel

The above plays were written and recorded by Ronnie Thomas, Ben Shaw, Eva Phandey, Scarlett Saines, Nicolas Corzo, Holly Austin, Katelyn Coyle, and Lottie Tomkins.




Join the students at Danson Wood High.

New Year 7 pupil Lucas just wants to get to his History lesson on time.

Lucas…Thomas Cridland

Dolly…Ruby Robinson

Darcy…Katie Walter

Baz…Jamie McLeod

Maty…Sam Chapman

Music composed by Jude Neanor

Micro Dramas (Part 1)

During August a number of new Year 7 pupils attended summer school at Darrick Wood and engaged in a series of creative activities. DWS Audio asked them to write and record their own micro audio dramas. Over 50 plays were recorded across two days and you can listen to the first five here!

Office Dilemma
There’s a Spider!
The Shop
Is this the Pizza Parlour?

These plays are among those written and recorded by: Jamie Stevens, James Littler, Eva Phandey, Mary lou Mitchell, Scarlett Saines, Tobie Smith, Mohammed Abdulhameed, Ronnie Thomas and Benjamin Shaw


A new audio play by Thomas Cridland

It’s snowing and Noel just wants a day off school. But his actions are about to get him into trouble…

Noel…Thomas Cridland

Christie…George Norris

Headmaster…George Norris

Written, directed and produced by Thomas Cridland