In Transit

Katy is waiting for a train; so is Harley. Both are on-route to job interviews – and the prospect of a new life. But when Katy recognises Harley as the object of her school-girl dreams, a different horizon suggests itself. Is this chance encounter fate, or false dawn?

Katy…Eloise Thody

Harley…Alex Savine

Station Announcer…Sebastian O’Driscoll Henderson

DWS Audio Wins Radio Drama Award

DWS Audio is delighted to announce that ONE OF OUR EXERCISE BOOKS IS MISSING was placed first by the jury for the short form category at the 2019 UK International Radio Drama Festival. Congratulations to all of those involved, especially our actors (past and present). You can listen again to the play here:

UK International Radio Drama Festival 2019

DWS Audio is proud to announce that two of our audio plays have been included in the UK International Radio Drama Festival 2019. One of Our Exercise Books is Missing and Free Fall will be showcased on Thursday 21st March at Café Nero in Canterbury, the venue for this year’s festival. The plays will also be available online via the radio drama festival website, where you can listen and vote for your favourite play.

Jude Neanor: The Journey Collection

Sleeve notes: This collection of music culminates with the track ‘A Hero’s Welcome’, a piece which was designed to underscore the re-entry of Apollo 11 as it returned to Earth. It was inspired by the music for the film ‘Deep Impact’ by James Horner. I have used the piano motif rom the cue ‘The Wedding’ and repurposed it in oboe as the opening theme in this piece. I have also taken inspiration from the dissonant string ostinato in the cue ‘The Comet’s Sunrise,’ and used this in the second section.