New recording facilities

Thanks to the generosity of the Darrick Wood School Parent Staff Association DWS Audio has been able to purchase and construct a Studiobricks sound isolation booth. The old pop up DIY studio served us well but provided a limited recording window. These new facilities should allow us greater flexibility to record content and improve the quality of our sound recordings.

Work has also begun on a new serial drama that we hope to launch very soon. In addition, DWS Audio will be posting content on our very own YouTube channel, AMPLIFiED. Watch this space for more announcements.

Suburban Tales: Birds on a Wire

Ever wondered what your pets really think about you? Or what the birds actually say to one another? Suburban Tales looks at life from the perspective of the birds and animals that inhabit our towns and cities.

Hetty the House Sparrow just wants a place to sit and enjoy the sunset. Sadly for her, a bunch a starlings have other ideas.

Hetty…Emila Cynarska

Shaz…Elizabeth Waite

Shel…Katie Blair

Sal…Caitlin Storer

Sheri…Mia Thomas