Jude Neanor: Simple Things

Simple Things was written to be the theme to a romantic film. I tried to experiment more with this piece, pushing myself to use more complex harmonies and voicing, as well as to write for a solo instrument (in this case the flute and later the clarinet) and accompaniment. Simple Things uses a simple melody (hence the name) and is designed to reflect the peaceful and loving nature of a simple relationship.



FUTURE VOICES concludes with two more original plays from aspiring playwrights.


LOOPER by Victor Fernandez (Platanos College) – “There is no end, there is no beginning.” A girl lies dying in hospital…

PART ONE: A man holds a theatre hostage – and makes a strange demand.

PART TWO: Can the same thing be happening again?


DISSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY by Precious N’Gbale (Platanos College) – A Year 11 girl vents about her dysfunctional life.

PART ONE: House Arrest

PART TWO: You Decide


Teri Ann Bobb Baxter

Matthew Castle

Timothy Knightley

Shauna McLean

Kaajel Patel

Prince Plockey



Rob Drummer


Future Voices was co-ordinated by David Workman (Youth & Community Director at the Southwark Playhouse). The project was generously supported by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, The Peter Cruddas Foundation and the Ashley Family Foundation.

Suburban Tales: Brown Bread

Ever wondered what your pets really think about you? Or what the birds actually say to one another? Suburban Tales looks at life from the perspective of the wildlife that inhabits our towns and cities. Sometimes they see things very differently. And sometimes they don’t see what stares them in in the face…

The ducks in the park love the old lady that feeds them – and she comes every day.

Until one day she doesn’t…


Performed by:

Ella Richmond-Pearson

Phoebe Sturgess-Wenham

Isabelle Wall