FUTURE VOICES concludes with two more original plays from aspiring playwrights.


LOOPER by Victor Fernandez (Platanos College) – “There is no end, there is no beginning.” A girl lies dying in hospital…

PART ONE: A man holds a theatre hostage – and makes a strange demand.

PART TWO: Can the same thing be happening again?


DISSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY by Precious N’Gbale (Platanos College) – A Year 11 girl vents about her dysfunctional life.

PART ONE: House Arrest

PART TWO: You Decide


Teri Ann Bobb Baxter

Matthew Castle

Timothy Knightley

Shauna McLean

Kaajel Patel

Prince Plockey



Rob Drummer


Future Voices was co-ordinated by David Workman (Youth & Community Director at the Southwark Playhouse). The project was generously supported by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, The Peter Cruddas Foundation and the Ashley Family Foundation.

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