Two new plays featuring the voices of doubt and the voices of reason. But which will win out?



AECOND by Joel Oliveira (Platanos College) – The Future. Deacon has been locked up for months, receiving experimental treatment in an attempt to cure his bi-polar disorder.

PART ONE: 2035. Kyla has come to administer another injection but Aecond, the demon voice inside Deacon’s head, convinces him that Kyla is the enemy…

PART TWO: Three years earlier. Kyla, and her colleague Astor, have invented a device that can destroy the unhealthy part of a “mentally ill” person’s mind. Deacon is chosen to be their first subject…

PART THREE: 2035. The treatment is not working and Kyla wants to set Deacon free, but Aecond – the unhealthy part of Deacon’s mind – has other ideas…


THIN ICE by Emelia Bature (Sacred Heart Catholic School)– Martin, literally, bumps into his ex-girlfriend Tiffany at an ice rink – and she has some news that may just break his heart.


Teri Ann Bobb Baxter

Matthew Castle

Timothy Knightley

Shauna McLean

Kaajel Patel

Prince Plockey



Rob Drummer


Future Voices was co-ordinated by David Workman (Youth & Community Director at the Southwark Playhouse). The project was generously supported by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, The Peter Cruddas Foundation and the Ashley Family Foundation.


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