Stories from the past and the present, written by two more voices of the future.



TALES LONDON HIDES by Salome Pereira (Platanos College) – Whitechapel, 1880s. Alexander is in love with soon-to-be-married Edward.

PART ONE: Edward wants to put their illicit relationship behind him and move on. But will Alexander ever let him go?

PART TWO: Edward’s wife April is dead. Is Alexander really a murderer? And what is his connection to Jack the Ripper?

IMPLOSION by Holly Agbukor (Sacred Heart Catholic School) – Aaron fears losing his twin sister to her new boyfriend. But would he really go as far as to sabotage Harmony and Elijah’s blossoming relationship?


Teri Ann Bobb Baxter

Matthew Castle

Timothy Knightley

Shauna McLean

Kaajel Patel

Prince Plockey



Rob Drummer


Future Voices was co-ordinated by David Workman (Youth & Community Director at the Southwark Playhouse). The project was generously supported by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, The Peter Cruddas Foundation and the Ashley Family Foundation.



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