Following their study of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ some year 9 students decided to make a series of 60-second plays around the theme of ‘outsiders’. The plays that follow each tell the story of someone on the outside.


John and Arthur are trapped inside an old shack in the middle of nowhere. Outside, a blizzard rages and, with supplies are running low, the pair contemplate leaving their shelter. But dare they depart with a dead man wandering about outside?

Written and performed by Jermyn Benito, Jamie Culver and Tom French


Miss Blunt is a private investigator and the first person to visit Miss Clarke since the murder of her daughter two months ago. She just can’t face the prospect of going outside. Could Miss Blunt be the person to solve this unsolved crime?

Written and performed by Judy Assim and Alice Sotiriou


A man enters an empty house in search of food and shelter. But is the house really empty?

Written by Ezra Magangan and performed by Christopher Bartlett and Ezra Magangan