The Transmission

This weekend (January 28-29th) Darrick Wood School will be one of six UK schools and universities participating in ‘The Transmission’ Festival being held in Tirana, Albania. Supported by funding from the EU over thirty schools and universities across Europe have been recording one of six plays written by a professional playwright.

DWS Audio chose to record a play entitled ‘My Mother is a Murderer’. It will be available to listen to here shortly.

Rough Diamonds on BBC Radio Kent

This week BBC Radio Kent broadcast another of our ‘Rough Diamonds’ stories on Leo Ulph’s Upload show. This was a the very first airing a new story entitled ‘A Case of Neglect’. You can catch up with the story via the BBC Sounds links below:

Listen from 10 minutes 30 seconds to 17 minutes 15 seconds

from 26.30 – 33.40

from 10.15 – 17.15



This is an omnibus edition. Frank and Baz have an unlikely friendship; one that’s about to be tested.

Baz…Jamie McLeod

Frank…Kevin Zhang

Soph…Lucy Sumner

Music composed by Jude Neanor

Murder in the Tower Block

An audio comedy-drama.

There’s been a murder in a tower block – or so claim three witnesses. But without a body this is going to be a tough case to crack for Detective Inspector Cooper.

Written and produced by Thomas Cridland. Featuring Katie Brash, James Monaghan, Evie Mortimer-Walker, George Norris and Connor Priestman.