Jude Neanor: A Little Magic

This piece was inspired by the stereotypical image of a family celebrating Christmas. It describes a series of imagined stills, one of a busy, snowy street, filled with Christmas shoppers; a hectic kitchen on Christmas Day; and a family gathered around a fireplace opening presents.

Jude Neanor: Rush Hour

One of the few pieces of mine to be recorded, this was written as part of a summer school at the Purcell School. The reduced orchestration allowed me to focus in on every note I wrote, enabling me to engage in a totally new (to me) chromatic style.

Jude Neanor: Early Reflections

Sleeve notes: This piece was written whilst I was completing work experience with a composer in London. He had given me some sounds to try out, and this was the result of experimenting for a day with them.

Jude Neanor: The Journey Collection

Sleeve notes: This collection of music culminates with the track ‘A Hero’s Welcome’, a piece which was designed to underscore the re-entry of Apollo 11 as it returned to Earth. It was inspired by the music for the film ‘Deep Impact’ by James Horner. I have used the piano motif rom the cue ‘The Wedding’ and repurposed it in oboe as the opening theme in this piece. I have also taken inspiration from the dissonant string ostinato in the cue ‘The Comet’s Sunrise,’ and used this in the second section.

Jude Neanor: Simple Things

Simple Things was written to be the theme to a romantic film. I tried to experiment more with this piece, pushing myself to use more complex harmonies and voicing, as well as to write for a solo instrument (in this case the flute and later the clarinet) and accompaniment. Simple Things uses a simple melody (hence the name) and is designed to reflect the peaceful and loving nature of a simple relationship.