Life in Lockdown

Three students share their experiences of life in lockdown.

Elise Gregory made a video on her phone, capturing what life was like for her during the early weeks of lockdown

Harrison Evered wrote and recorded a poem, entitled ‘Every Winter has its Spring’

Kacey Abbott-Marks shares her thoughts about her a hobby that she has pursued during lockdown

Torn From Home

Holocaust survivor, Hedi Argent, speaks to many young people about her experiences of living under Nazi rule in 1930s Europe. Phoebe Sturgess Wenham and Zak Oudjit recount some of her stories and reflect on the lessons that we can all learn.

Energy Drinks

The government is planning to ban the sale of energy drinks to under 16s. Is such a ban warranted? Ceria, Jack, Joseph and Nancy weigh up the issue.


How does it feel to leave Year 6 and start a new school? DWS Audio speaks to a group of Year 7 pupils about the transition from primary to secondary school.