Micro Dramas (Part 5)

DWS Audio presents five more micro dramas written and recorded by Darrick Wood School pupils in Year 7

The Director’s Cut
The Missing Homework
The Mug
The Performance of Failure
The Unfinished Robbery

The above plays were written and recorded by Oscar Green, Archie Norris, Dylan Mbay, Ajanta Mann, Amelie Stone, Amelia Toulson, Isobel Keith, Mattea Blue and Lanah Skates.

New Term Update

Here at DWS Audio we’re really excited to be entering the autumn term and looking forward to some new developments. With students back in the classroom, we hope to record many more projects than we have been able to over the last eighteen months. Over the summer we were delighted to meet, and work with, some of our new Year 7 students and managed to record over 50 micro-dramas in our pop-up studio. We hope to edit as many of these are possible and post them on the blog over the new few months.

We’re also planning a re-vamp of our weekly drama serial, ROUGH DIAMONDS. Watch this space for more news!

DWS Audio: Two Years On

As DWS Audio enters its third year of podcasting it promises to be just as exciting as 2019.

Last year we had the honour of having two of our plays selected for the UK International Radio Drama Festival, which was held in Canterbury in March. DWS Audio was also very proud to win the short form category, with ONE OF OUR EXERCISE BOOKS IS MISSING. This play has since been heard in many different countries as an example of what a small, school based producer is able to achieve. This is in no small part due to our very talented and committed students.

Indeed, as a result of our involvement with the festival, International Arts invited DWS Audio to help deliver a series of outreach workshops in Cairo during the Autumn half term. As a result of these sessions, a very experienced and talented group of audio professionals and educators have been working in a number of Egyptian schools to facilitate the creation of many new audio dramas. It has been a joy to see how young people in Egypt have embraced the audio form and will get the chance to hear their work showcased at a festival in Cairo later this year.

Looking ahead, DWS Audio is also very excited to launch its own new weekly serial drama, ROUGH DIAMONDS on this site and through our YouTube channel AMPLIFiED. The drama is set in a fictitious secondary school, called Danson Wood High and features an array of different characters that have all been created by our fabulous cast of students. Please do listen and support this new initiative. You can receive updates on the show through our instagram account, therealroughdiamonds.

Happy listening in 2020!

New recording facilities

Thanks to the generosity of the Darrick Wood School Parent Staff Association DWS Audio has been able to purchase and construct a Studiobricks sound isolation booth. The old pop up DIY studio served us well but provided a limited recording window. These new facilities should allow us greater flexibility to record content and improve the quality of our sound recordings.

Work has also begun on a new serial drama that we hope to launch very soon. In addition, DWS Audio will be posting content on our very own YouTube channel, AMPLIFiED. Watch this space for more announcements.

DWS Audio: One Year On

This week DWS Audio celebrates its first birthday. In the last year we have produced and posted a wide range of original stories, plays and music  featuring the talents of numerous young people in the Darrick Wood community…and beyond. We would like to thank everyone that has contributed to the blog and look forward to more exciting initiatives in the year ahead.

In 2019 DWS Audio will be launching its own YouTube channel along with a weekly school-based serial drama. In addition, to celebrate one year of DWS Audio, we are posting the first of a series of podcasts exploring issues relevant to the lives of young people.

Thank you for your support over the last twelve months. Don’t forget to subscribe. And keep listening!


Welcome to DWS Audio

Welcome to the first post of our new audio service.

DWS Audio is a new short-form content service for young people in the Darrick Wood community…and beyond. We aim to offer the best in new music, drama and storytelling as well as a range of different podcasts and items relevant to the lives of teenagers and young people.

On a regular basis DWS Audio will premiere a variety of audio dramas and sketches featuring either a full cast or a just a single voice; transporting you to places that visual media cannot go. And because the action takes place inside your head the pictures are so much better!

In addition to the plays and sketches, the site features a series short stories submitted to the BBC Radio Two 500-Words Competition (2017), as well as audio adaptions of three one-act stage plays entered for the Sky Blue British Theatre Challenge for Kids (2017).

Sixth Formers Joey Benstead and Jeuel Stiling also share some of their recent music compositions – as well as contributing to the music featured in several of our plays.



DWS Audio Needs You!

There is lots to look forward to, but DWS Audio cannot continue without your help. Can you write? Can you act? Can you compose? Do you want to make a podcast? If so, we want to hear from you. If you would like to contribute in any of these ways please send an email to Mr Chappell (m.chappell@darrickwood.bromley.sch.uk) stating your particular interest.

In the meantime, happy listening!